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MuscleBlaze Protein Bar (22g Protein), 6 Piece(s)/Pack Almond Fudge

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The new MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar in Almond Fudge flavour is your new go-to bite for an anytime anywhere hunger management. This protein bar is crafted with excellence to satiate your need of daily protein intake and satiate your stubborn hunger pangs. The delectable Almond Fudge flavour and 10g of carbs leave you satiated and eliminate that pesky habit of unhealthy munching.

With the power of Whey Protein

The new MuscleBlaze® Protein Bar in Almond Fudge flavour is crafted using the same international quality whey that is being used in the benchmark whey protein products from the house of MuscleBlaze®. Thus, you can trust the quality of protein used in the protein bar. With all quality sources of protein, this bar contains 22g of protein that help you to opt for healthy eating anytime anywhere.

The clean carbs
It contains 10g of carbs sourced from the clean and healthy sources to ensure that only the best is delivered to you. These carbs satiate your hunger pangs and stop you from grabbing those unhealthy snacks.

Fibre plays a vital role in our digestive system as it helps to keep the gut healthy and improves absorption of vital nutrients. With 7g of fibre, this bar adds to your health regime while keeping you on track to reach your goal.

Vitamins and Minerals
With 27 essential vitamins and minerals, this bar does justice to its responsibility to make sure that each bite is served with all things good. These vitamins and minerals help strengthen the immunity and enhance body’s capability to perform better at workouts.


  • MuscleBlaze Protein Bar in Almond Fudge flavor has a rich nutty aroma and smooth texture while each serving promises the same 22g of pure protein
  • It contains No Added Sugar as it is exclusively crafted for calorie conscious and for fitness enthusiasts
  • Contains high fibre, 7g, in each serving which promotes digestion and helps keep your gut healthy
  • A gluten free bar for a guilt free munching for an anytime and anywhere snacking which leaves you satiated and full
  • This MuscleBlaze Almond Fudge protein bar contains low carbs and high protein ratio to fuel your body with nothing but the best


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